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Starting - Breaking Horses

We believe that starting and breaking a horse is an individual operation requiring great care and attention to detail. It should be a positive experience for the horse encouraging positive integration with the human race and learning. This is the answer to producing a successful and relaxed equine athlete. It is obvious that some trainers and competitors are much more successful than their peers.

A correct start is essential not just an advantage.

The process of breaking should be undertaken by a competent and responsible professional that is aware and has the knowledge education and resources to overcome obstacles with positive results for horse and trainer.

Starting horses is often taken for granted as a standard practice. There is no doubt that it is a regular operation but the standard approach to breaking does not always take account of the varying temperaments and experiences of the individual horse and the results can be disappointing often limiting the horses potential and life quality.

We receive many horses that have been classed as too dangerous or unbreakable. Some may not be classified and are presented as complete but are simply not fit for purpose and potentially dangerous. As we mentioned previously the underlying issue has not been identified noticed and addressed. Irrespective of the discipline the horse is intended for this element should be undertaken correctly and sympathetically it’s a long term investment and deserves a sound foundation to allow a good life quality disposed to learning and trust.


Re-Starting a horse:

We strongly advise to undertake the breaking process seriously it is much easier to achieve a good result than have to correct a failure.

Despite this we have extensive experience and great successes in restarting or re training horses. Our holistic expertise ensures we have extensive resource abilities to re educate gain trust and introduce a calming influence on what might otherwise be described as a total wreck. We welcome enquiries on such issues so please see if we can help.”We are sure we can”