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Equine Rehabilitation - Infrared Solarium


The benefits of this form of infra red therapy are based on locally enhanced blood circulation in the skin, caused by vasodilatory response. It has also been shown to speed the healing of non-infected wounds, in many cases providing rapid and effective pain relief. It has also been found to accelerate the healing of eczemas and saddle sores, and help clear sinus congestion.”

The temperature of muscle tissue can be effectively raised successfully through exposure of the horse to short wavelength infra red Light energy as produced by our infra red solarium.

Technical equine literature indicates the following:

- Raising muscle tissue temperature by 1-2°C is sufficient to be relaxing.

- Raising muscle tissue temperature by 2.78°C is sufficient to stimulate an increase in metabolic activity.

- Raising muscle tissue temperature by 3.0-4.0°C will increase collagen extensibility.


The infra red spectrum is divided into three categories; short, medium and long-wave. Short-wave infra red is used among other th The element in our Equine solarium has been specially developed to emit short wavelength infra red. Medium or long wavelength infra red is not recommended for equine purposes.

Our Equine solarium mimics the infra red heat output of the sun, the most natural and wholesome form of warmth, but without any of the sun’s potentially harmful ultraviolet rays.

Most of the energy from Horse Therapy Centres Equine Solarium is produced in the short-wave (IR-A) region, this kind of infra red energy is readily absorbed into muscle tissue, whereas medium and long wave length infra red are not.

Short-wave infra red is also readily absorbed by inert materials while at the same time the ambient air temperature is unaffected. Clearly, not all infra red is the same!.