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Equine Rehabilitation - Hydrotherapy Spa


The Hydrotherapy facility at our Horse Therapy Centre was designed and developed in Australia by ECB with and under the guideance of Professor Evan Hunt MVSc, PhD, GradDipEd (Tert), MRCVS.

Professor Hunt undertook the initial research into the development of cold salt hydrotherapy. His work has been accredited by worldwide professionals and today he works alongside ECB in the constant development of the ECB Spa.

ECB Equine Spa was the first company in Europe to design and manufacture a cold salt hydrotherapy unit for the equine industry. Since production of the first unit, ECB has continued to update and modify its products to provide users with the ultimate in safety, reliability and performance. , I am satisfied that the Hydrotherapy equine spa as manufactured by ECB is by far the most reliable, safest and effective unit available. It is the only spa I will endorse." Professor Evan Hunt MVSc, PhD, GradDipEd (Tert), MRCVS.

In 2009The Austrailian Equine Laminitis research unit’s Professor Chris Pollitt's paper was published into the success of cryotherapy in treating laminitis. The results were conclusive and a success: 'A fantastic breakthrough in the treatment of laminitis. ECB Equine Spa'.


Summary of uses:

- Generally cold salt hydrotherapy treatment can be used for all forms of lower leg inflammation:
removing the painful fluid swellings associated with injury.

- Ligament injuries

- Tendon injuries

- Abscesses

- Fractures

- Swollen joints

- Wind gall’s

- Splints

- Jar up

- Bruises

- Laminitis

- Concussion

- Sore shins

- Arthritis

- Open Wounds

- Mud Fever

Benefits of using the Spa:

- Encourages better granulation

- Improves circulation

- Improves gait and general demeanor

- Improves horn growth

- Reduces swelling inflammation

- Analgesic effect

Contributary factors towards the Spa's beneficial effects:

- Temperature:
(Accurately Variable 1 to 4c) Cold has excellent antibacterial and antinflammatory effects.

- Aeration:
The water temperature (along with the others factors) significantly influences the level of dissolved Oxygen in the water. The variable agitation also has a massaging effect on the tissues.

- Pressure:
The adjustable pressure equivalents up to 1/10 atmospheric pressure, gives support whilst in the spa.

- Salt Concentration:
The water contains 20g/L Sodium Chloride and 30g/L Magnesium Sulphate This is many times more concentrated that of the sea intensifying the specific cooling capacity.

- Filtration:
A system of course and fine filters provides a highly efficient particulate filtration system.

- The PH level is strictly controlled and monitored.

- Chlorine added for bacteriological control.