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Equine Rehabilitation - Cryotherapy Treatment


Spiritual/Energy Healing

The complimentary therapies we use are used in hospitals and other centres as complimentary therapies to conventional treatments. In most aspects of working with horses we apply directly or indirectly our spiritual nature. Simply it is a positive knowing and receptive attitude that encourages trust.

The spiritual therapies provide great advantages in dealing with problem confused or soured/troubled horses. Horses are very sensitive and receptive to energy healing they are open and non judgemental and simply enjoy the experience.

During a healing session, the horse is guided to a state of deep relaxation to allow the healing energies flow and remove "energy blocks" that may exist in the physical, mental or emotional layers. This in turn activates natural holistic healing providing a state of calm relaxation and thought.

The healing modalities we use are:

- Master practitioner REIKI /Earth and Elemental.

- Master practitioner REIKI Usi Ryoho. Traditional

- Master practitioner Integrated Energy Therapy

- Advanced Quantum Healing.