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Behaviour Training

At the Horse therapy centre we provide a unique effective hands on approach’s to solving equine problems. Our approach consider the character and nature of the horse addressing the issue improving performance and retaining spirit and dignity `and a better life quality. This comprehensive in depth training and remedial approach is available to the professional horseman trainer owner, competitor, and amateur.

The Problem


Most behavioural issues are emotionally based they are a triggered response to the horses flight or fight syndrome and innate behaviour. Quite often the real or fundamental issues relating to horses attitude behavior or lack of performance are not adequately understood or identified.

People often expect that some specialist is available with a quick fix or someone will school him teach him manners and respect but it never works. Then there is the under achiever displaying lack of performance inconsistency poorattitude. Again people humanise the problem attitude and answer they seek help and get lots of reasons and when the respective treatments don’t work a favorite response is “He’s having you on”. Well someone is but it’s not the horse.

To successfully address these problems requires a deep understanding of behaviour, handling expertise and a quiet approach. These are often emotional problems where confusion has arisen and some horses just switch off or shut downeven partially they become sour and will often develop a good and bad rein if jumping they may run out refuse or take a hold and tear away with rider. This applies to professional horses amateur and race horses. We have had them all and when treated correctly show good results.

To ensure we have and retain a physical and emotional well balanced horse we must encourage and reward a willing participant and allow thought and choice.

- The emotionally mature and well balanced horse will demonstrate:

- Optimum performance

- Optimum achievement

- Generally a healthier animal with fewer lameness and soundness issues

- Easier to handle ride and care for

- A better life quality

Breeding in a horse is very important, however no matter how good the breeding when a horse is suffering, particularly from emotional and stress issues their performance and athleticism is impaired incurring poor results and moreeasily disposed towards injury.

At the Horse Therapy Centre we minimise the use of schooling aids by using appropriate and effective training techniques.

We take these methods our experience, learning, talents and combine them and apply them effectively. The outcome is a most unique and in depth training and remedial approach available to the professional horseman trainer owner, competitor, and amateur. We provide a service that addresses the needs of Horses and owners/riders to overcome their specific issues or problems. Our approach is holistic addressing the immediate or obvious symptom by identifying the real issue and improving often quite dramatically the relationship between horse and rider and producing an improved attitude.

We have extensive experience in successfully addressing a wide variety of issues from all breeds and disciplines and with the most challenging of horses. This is accomplished in a firm knowledgeable and respectful manner where everyone is a winner.

There is always a reason for unwanted behaviour.

Handling and Treating the Problem


The Health and care of the horse is of prime importance. We have adapted a modern and enlightened approach to training this should not be confused with weakness. Our methods are successful and always show improvement.

To achieve success you need the correct facilities and a thorough understanding of equine behaviour.Working with remedial horses is dangerous so experience and training is very important for horse and handler. Remedial training isa professional task for professionals.

Our approach is based on our extensive knowledge experience and training and of working with problem horses and with starting or re starting all types of horses. We have an extensive range of specialist facilities, equipment, Arenas, Round pens etc.

The methods used are:

- Labyrinth In-hand exercises

- Ridden exercises

- Innovative Ground handling skills

- Emotional awakening techniques

- Emotional development techniques

- Off line training and correction

- On line training and correction

- Long lining

- Balance co-ordination propricoception integration exercises

- De sensitisation (V.A.K.O.G ) sensory Principles

- Neural Integration and Healing techniques.


Our success is simply based on combining all of this with true feel, understanding communication and timing.