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About Us

Jim Fogarty. C.Eng. FCIE. M.CIArb. has a wealth of experience and accomplishments. Holding senior positions in professional practices, committees, lecturing etc. Through all of this Jim always had a passionate empathy with horses and equestrian sports and has ridden, competed and hunted.

In recent years Jim has turned his focus and energies to the formation of the Horse Therapy Centre at his equestrian facility in Kildare. The Horse Therapy Centre is a well resourced facility. Jims unique approach and training, supported by his modern facility leave him well qualified and resourced as a leading remedial horse trainer and breaker (starter) in Ireland.

Much of his early training and experience was gained with the legendary horsewoman and show jumper Iris Kellett at her facilities in Kill and her Daffodil Lodge stud farm in Rathmore Kildare. Introduced by Iris Kellett to Monty Roberts approx 1990 during his first demonstration visit to Ireland at her stud farm Jim became fascinated and took his professional approach and discipline to studying horse behaviour correction and remedial handling .

These studies were undertaken with many of the world’s leading horse behaviour and gentling specialists and their specific approach’s and systems including Monty Roberts. Linda Tellington Jones. Dr. Robert Millar. J. Lyons. R. Winters and many more leading Equine behaviour specialist in America, Europe and Russia.

Jim Fogarty’s understanding of equine behaviour training and unique approach allows the Horse Therapy Centre provide more integrated and innovative ways of working with problem, confused and difficult horses than any one specialist system.

The approach is particularly effective with horses because it utilises sensory perception emotional development and uses movement as a primary vehicle for gaining awareness. As a process it is very successful, it can expand horse’s choice and responses to many aspects of life: emotions, relationships, and intellectual tasks; and it applies at any level, from severe disorder to a highly professional performance. Horse behaviour problems have to be addressed in a non violent humane way , to learn he must be relaxed.